Smile to your finger

Finger Smile

What if I told you that the solution to your problem is to draw a smiley face on your right pointer finger? Would you do it?

Ok now do it. Draw a smiley face on your right pointer finger.

Did you do it?

I know itís absurd but thatís the point. The absurd feelings are similar to what it feels like when a part of your body doesnít work or doesnít move. Itís insulting. The base concept of something in our bodies not working is intolerable; so, we become offended inside.

Ready for more? If you arenít then go for a short walk and come back. Now smile at the smiley face on your finger for one second.

Itís an exercise to prepare you for the moment when you might smile at your hips because they wonít squat or a muscle that wonít squeeze. A thought is powerful and creates brain pathways that help stabilize and order your body.

Here at Third Way Chiropractic, we specialize with helping your body heal those connections that are so important to being the best you. We utilize techniques like smiling, because itís safe enough and helps circulation. Smiling at a body part might be feel awkward but it's something anyone can do who is ready to start healing.

By Daniel Hubbell, DC

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